Toyota Motor

Growth driven by innovation

In 60 years in Brazil, the history of Toyota has gone hand in hand with the development of the Brazilian automotive industry. Strongly rooted in its Japanese origins, over the last few decades the company has been reinforcing its Toyota way of doing business - the Toyota Way - a philosophy that has continuous improvement and respect for people as pillars for building lasting relationships with employees, customers, and communities.

Headquartered in the city of São Bernardo do Campo (Greater São Paulo), since its arrival in Brazil, Toyota has sought to offer its customers increasingly better cars and services. Thus, even during a time of economic downturn, the company achieved its second best sales performance in history, with results 5% higher than the previous year.

Reinventing the future

It is with this in mind that the company celebrates six decades in the country. A message about innovation, that comes with the challenge of breaking the paradigms of the automotive sector through environmentally responsible technologies and the creation of solutions that can contribute to the development of Brazilian society.

By positioning itself as a company focused on mobility, Toyota works to bring to its business strategy solutions that go beyond vehicle production, and move toward developing connectivity initiatives for customers and improving urban mobility services. In line with the company’s global guideline, in Brazil, Toyota is beginning to study solutions and invest in partnerships that will help us understand the best way forward toward a low-carbon, shared-economy future. [Learn more in the Strategy and Performance section]

Driven by these guidelines and motivated by the transformation in the automotive industry, Toyota do Brasil continues to build a consolidated business strategy in order to successfully lead innovation projects that provide mobility in the safest, most effective manner, in harmony with the environment.

Icone Toyota seeks to bring to its business strategy solutions that go beyond vehicle production.

Icone Bandeira

Modernity and history

To celebrate 110 years of Japanese immigration in Brazil and 60 years of the company in the country, Toyota participated actively in the 21st Japan Festival, held in July 2018 in São Paulo.

At its booth, the company set up a diorama that alludes to the history of the first Japanese immigrants to arrive in Brazil aboard the ship Kasato-Maru. In addition, a timeline showed visitors the company’s 60-year history by displaying several models produced by Toyota, including the prototype for the Prius flex, which combines the hybrid and ethanol technologies.
In addition, in order to improve the efficiency of one of the most visited areas of the exhibition - the food court - Toyota worked in partnership with the associations to implement the Toyota Production System (TPS) method, which focuses on managing and optimizing industrial and service processes, always prioritizing quality within the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost. The initiative provided faster food preparation, less waste, and reduced customer waiting time.