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Vision and business strategy

Celebrating 60 years of operation in Brazil and over 80 years in the world, Toyota con tinues to look toward the future by positioning itself not only as a pioneer in the production of hybrid cars, but also as a mobility company and protagonist in the transformation of the automotive industry.

Strongly integrated into the company’s new Hoshin (2018/2019), the mobility vision has been structured internally since the beginning of 2018 and is already part of corporate planning goals for the coming years. Today, the work is still in its early stages and involves research - both in Brazil and in partnership with Toyota subsidiaries in other countries - to understand the opportunities and services that may be created and offered by the company.

Toyota’s way of producing

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In order to develop this new model while continuing the Toyota way of working, the company uses tools such as the Toyota Production System (TPS) and the Toyota Way. Developed by Toyota in Japan in the last century - and refined over the decades - TPS is part of the company’s organizational culture and was created to raise the maximum levels of productivity, standardization, and quality of the company’s processes. Today it is applied in various types of business.

The Toyota Way is a philosophy that defines the fundamental values and business methods that must be applied in all aspects and phases of work. Based on the company’s corporate culture, its pillars are Continuous Improvement and Respect for the People. Finally, kaizen methodology (continuous improvement) completes this way of working and assists in the constant search for efficiency in reducing risks and incidents, increasing quality, and safety along the value chain.