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Mobility for All

Created in 2014 to seek mobility solutions in partnership with universities, governments, non-governmental organizations, research institutions and other companies, in 2018 the Toyota Mobility Foundation, through a partnership with WRI Brasil and the National Front of Mayors (FNP - Frente Nacional de Prefeitos), launched the InoveMob challenge. Composed of five phases, the project invited participants from all over Brazil to send ideas to improve mobility in areas with a large number of people commuting, such as public transportation stations and terminals, industrial districts, schools, shopping centers, universities, and hospitals.

About one hundred projects were submitted, and 12 semifinalist teams participated in workshops to improve their projects. Of the 12projects, five were shortlisted and received US$ 20,000 each to implement a pilot project of their ideas over the following months. On December 5, the winner was announced: the corporate carpool app, bynd.

Cerca de cem projetos foram submetidos e 12 equipes semifinalistas participaram de oficinas para aprimorarem seus projetos. Dos 12 projetos, cinco foram escolhidos como finalistas e receberam US$ 20 mil cada para implantar um piloto de suas ideias ao longo dos próximos meses. No dia 5 de dezembro, foi anunciado o vencedor: o aplicativo de caronas corporativas bynd.

Tested in Brasilia by the Ministry of Cities and the company Valec, and the city of Juiz de Fora (MG), the carpool app creates a transportation system for employees of the same company or organization. The team will receive US$ 100,000 (close to R$ 400,000) to scale up its project and expand its platform.


Start Your Impossible

Toyota believes that being able to exercise the right to come and go broadens horizons and allows for a more productive and prosperous society. And to develop solutions within this ambition, Toyota has been inspired to create the means to enable people to reach higher levels of freedom and mobility for any journey in their lives. This is Toyota’s mission for the new times, challenging all the impossible. It was this long-term vision that gave rise to the Start Your Impossible initiative within Toyota’s innovation. Under this premise, the brand aims to share with all its stakeholders the belief that mobility goes beyond cars and seeks to develop innovations to bring more quality of life to people in a more inclusive and sustainable society. As the first mobility partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Japan 2020), the purpose of the initiative is to offer mobility services and logistics expertise, and will include a variety of additional programs focused on employees, dealers, and consumers, and collaborate with the Toyota Mobility Foundation.

To learn more about the initiative, www.MobilityForAll.com