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Rota 2030

The government initiative known as Rota 2030 also brings several opportunities for innovation to the sector. Sanctioned by the government in December 2018, the medium- to long-term policy establishes tax incentives for manufacturers that invest up to R$ 5 billion in Research and Development (R&D) per year, improving the energy efficiency of their vehicles by 11% by 2022. Among these incentives is reducing the Excise Tax (IPI) by up to three percentage points for hybrid cars with technology that allows the use of ethanol.

In addition to the various investments in modernizing production units, Toyota’s ongoing improvement in engine efficiency, and investment in hybrid technology, the company also seeks to broaden its spectrum in the program by focusing on opportunities for improvement in its supply chain, with a greater requirement for certificates (such as ISO 14000), closer monitoring to avoid the use of substances harmful to health and the environment, and other standards that are essential to the company’s relationship with these stakeholders (learn more in the Stakeholders section).